About Us

The Challenge We Saw

Western New England enjoys a wealth of craft beer, brewers, and breweries. The start-up stories of our region's craft breweries are inspirational and the beers are great.

We saw a common thread in so many of these stories around the cost of starting a brewery and the struggle to keep up with demand in the face of expensive equipment and finite brewing space.

The challenge was clear: How can we support the craft brewing community expand production and reduce the need for risky and expensive capital outlays?

The Solution We Offer

Loophole Brewing Services exists to meet the needs of brewers. Whether that need is a small run of a seasonal release or housing high volume production of a flagship brew, Loophole Brewing can assist.

Our packaging facilities provide the necessary flexibility brewers need to distribute their product and our in house tap room provides a prime location for the beer brewed at Loophole to be available to the public.

For aspiring brewers, especially those "priced out" of starting their own brewery from scratch, Loophole is the place to gain experience with state of the art commercial grade brewing and packaging equipment.

When working with Loophole, aspiring brewers can build their brand while avoiding the big capital costs usually associated with starting a brewery.

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About OUr Artist

Loophole is proud to collaborate with local Western Massachusetts artist Jesse Morgan to create our incredible label art. To learn more about Jesse, visit www.jjm4design.com/.